Thirteen Amazing Facts About Bees

  1. Bee Stings Create Miracles
  2. The pain of being stung by a bee is unbearable. However, you shouldn’t worry. If you have an active sex life, then being stung by a bee is a miracle. Why? Because a toxin in a bee’s venom contains melittin that may prevent HIV. What it does is the toxin pokes holes into the virus’ protective envelope to kill it.
  3. Another thing is that bee stings can ease the pain of people that are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The molecules found in the bee’s venom is known to increase your body’s glucocorticoid level to prevent inflammation.

  4. Bees Are Hard Workers
  5. Bees are vastly different from people when it comes to working. During the winter seasons, bees can live and work up to nine months. However, it’s a different story during summer as they last only six weeks until they make their own bed. That said, bees just work until they die, which is impressive.

  6. Bees Brain Chemistry is Amazing
  7. There are different types of bees. We have the scout bees, which are the ones who search for food. And then we have the soldier bees which guards the hive for the rest of their lives. Finally, we have the undertakers who remove the dead bees out of their hive. But the spotlight goes to regular honeybees where they can perform multiple jobs throughout their life. What’s amazing about them is that they can alter their brain chemistry before tackling another job. Talk about multitasking at its finest.

  8. Their Brain is Unbelievable
  9. When adult bees do jobs that are meant for younger bees, their brain stops aging. Meaning, their brain ages in reverse that will make them think young again. A study conducted by various scientists shows that this helps the bees to slow the possible onset of dementia.

  10. Bees Provide Medicine
  11. Bees use a mixture of poplar and evergreen to create a resin called “propolis” to reinforce their hive. What’s amazing about this is that propolis can cure various health conditions such as cold sores, canker sores, herpes, sore throat, eczema, and even cavities.

  12. Bees Can Recognize Humans
  13. Bees eyes are like a multi-camera system that can combine multiples images into one. That said, whenever they see a human face, they take parts from the eyebrows, lips, nose, mouth, etc. to form one big picture of a face. This process is called the “configural processing,” which can help most tech manufacturers today to improve facial recognition.

  14. Every Bee Has Different Personalities
  15. Not all bees are identical to each other. Sure they do when it comes to appearance, but their personalities differ from each and one of them. Researchers have found that there are bees who are adventure-seekers, timid bees, etc. A study conducted in 2011 also showed that bees also have feelings. It’s like a real-life Disney movie where insects or animals can talk.

  16. The Effects of Caffeine & Cocaine to Bees
  17. Caffeine does wonders to bees. A nectar laced with caffeine can attract pollinators such as bees to keep coming back for more. However, it’s miles different to cocaine as they turn bees into pesky little liars. Bees get high when in contact with cocaine, which makes them dance to communicate with their fellow brethren to indicate there’s good food nearby even though there are not. What’s worst is that they exaggerate their moves and overemphasize the food’s quality when they get high too much.

  18. They Can Travel Using Ancient Navigation Techniques
  19. They say that out with the old, in with the new. That’s not true for most of the case for bees. They use the sun as a compass to travel wherever they want to go. And when it’s cloudy, they navigate by polarized light to find the sun in the sky. This method is similarly used by Vikings back then where they navigate using the sun by the help of sundials.

  20. Bees Have the Ability to Solve Math Problems
  21. Picture yourself in a situation where you have to visit six different stores located at various places in the city and you must find the shortest distance to travel while visiting the six. This is what mathematicians call the “traveling salesman problem” which can really take a toll on your brain. For bees, however, solving this one is as easy as pie. In fact, bees are the only animals that can solve this problem in the entire animal species.

  22. Bees Are Efficient Builders
  23. Back then, various mathematicians and philosophers have proven that honeycombs were the most practical structures that are built around. Honeycombs use the least amount of wax, which makes them efficient structures. And what’s even surprising is that honeycombs are made with perfectly-shaped hexagons where you can say that bees put too much attention to detail.

  24. Bees Behave Like Serial Killers
  25. Serial killers commit their crimes close to home but not too near that the neighbors will notice. The same goes for bees where they collect pollen close to their hive but far enough that predators can’t spot the hive. Scientists have studied this kind of situation and have compiled some few algorithms which helped the police to track serial killers.

  26. Bees are Job Creators
  27. In the US, over 1.51 pounds of honey are consumed by Americans each year. In addition to that, bees worked hard to pollinate every single plant or crops each year that they can cover up to 80% of crops in the entire country.

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