The Origins of Ice Skating

Ice skating is everywhere, especially in some colder parts in the world. However, ice skating is now also found on recreational parks or malls via a man-made ice rink. But there are still some that do traditional ice skating on frozen lakes and rivers in countries such as Sweden and Canada.

Archeologists have dug up some information and found that ice skating has been around in the time of our ancestors. People back then even use it as a means of transportation where cars are still non-existent. But there’s more to this story and we are going to tackle that down below.

  • Ice Skating in its Early Stages
  • Our primitive ancestors are one of the creative kind. They made ice skating devices in the form of bones that could slide and glide over frozen water. These bones are attached to a flat surface since shoes are still not invented at that time. In the 13th century, the Dutch made significant advancement to ice skating by integrating blades.
  • The blades are said to be perfect that it doesn’t even need to undergo any major changes. But as time goes by, several people have integrated these blades into the sole of a shoe. And this is the result of the ice skating wearable that we know today.

  • How Figure Skating Began
  • Figure skating is a sport that involves dancing, acrobatics, and swaying majestically while skating. This sport has been around for hundreds of years but is strictly limited to the wealthy ones on Europe back then. However, in the mid-19th century, Jackson Haines has made several improvements to the sport by adding bold and energetic moves.
  • Because of this, Haines became popular and have won myriads of contests that helped him reach the championships. His improved form of ice skating caught the attention of many that it became a full-blown sport. As a result, figure skating made its way back to the US and has been recognized as an international sport.

  • The Amateur Status in Figure Skating
  • In 1995, ice skating was a strictly amateur discipline with no financial compensation. This has caused a rage where Olympic ice skaters cut their careers short to join the more lucrative entertainment industry. The international federation was alarmed about the situation and as a result, they amend the rules to allow figure skaters to earn money. Figure skating is now a well-known sport in the Winter Olympics and remained popular until today.
  • Because of its popularity, other types of skating had also joined the Winter Olympics such as speed skating, short-track speed skating, and ice hockey- a sport that’s popular in countries such as North America and Scandinavia.

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