Eight Ancient Techniques People Use to Smell Good Back Then

In the past, especially in the time of our ancestors, deodorants are nowhere to be found. And people are doing creative ways to shove away that unwanted body odor. In this article, we are going to tackle the most creative techniques people use back then to eliminate body odor.

  1. Ostrich Eggs
  2. Egyptians have been the staple of creating “smell good” products such as perfume and breath mints. In fact, they were among the first people to invent the deodorant. However, their deodorant is a tad bit different from what we use today. Their purpose for the product is to eliminate the smell of sweat by using a formula of ostrich eggs, nuts, tamarisk, and tortoiseshell ground which is then mixed into fat.

  3. Porridge Balls
  4. Another thing was the porridge balls. Where the Egyptians create flavored porridge mixed with incense and then rolled into balls. These balls are then placed beneath the armpits to eliminate sweat that causes body odor.

  5. Carob
  6. Today, Carob is used as a chocolate substitute. But before, they are used as a deodorant by our Egyptian ancestors. The Mediterranean region is rich in Carob trees where Egyptians will crush the pods and rub them all over their bodies to fight body odor.

  7. Scented Olive Oil
  8. In ancient Greece and Rome, Olive has been the number one ingredient in perfumes. Back then, where deodorants and perfumes still haven’t existed yet, they will use leaves, roots, and flowers pressed in olive and then applied it to their skin to smell good.

  9. Musk
  10. In the Medieval era, people harvest musk from a small sac in a musk deer’s genitals to use as a perfume ingredient. Of course, it smells like urine at first. What they did to achieve that sweet and sensual aroma is they harvested the gland and then left to dry. Because of this, musk became popular back then to the point where the musk deer have found a place in the list of endangered animals during the 70s. Today, musk-scented perfumes are now made from synthetic materials.

  11. Ambergris
  12. Ambergris is a waxy substance that came from a sperm whale’s intestines. When harvested fresh, it smells like cow dung. What people do is they left it to age for some time until the smell turns into a sweet and musky aroma. Fast forward today, ambergris-scented perfumes are now made from synthetic materials just like musk. However, there are still some that use natural ambergris but are only reserved for the high-end ones.

  13. Carbolic Acid
  14. During the time of the early 19th and 20th hundreds, perfume brands will trick customers by telling them they stink so that they will buy their products. However, the products used before contains carbolic acid which is a harmful substance that can damage the skin. There was a home recipe for a perfume back in 1903 where it contained carbolic acid which caused a rage.

  15. Perfume Baths
  16. Ancient Greeks have found a way to smell good throughout the day, and this is by constantly bathing. Even in the high society before, people will do scented baths before applying perfume into their armpits to feel and smell fresh.

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